How Contagious are Staph Infections?

Last Updated: October 25th, 2010

Staph infections are very contagious. You may have heard some of the grave threats about the spread of staph infection in the media, and I'm afraid to say it's all valid. If left untreated, staph infections will get worse, and contact with other people will spread this dangerous bacteria.

The fact is Staphylococcus bacteria is present in small, harmless doses in many people. It can be found in the mouth, genitals, nose, and buttocks. It turns into an infection when the skin breaks open, and gives the bacteria access. Once inside and under the skin, it starts to create havoc by growing red, swollen and producing pus.

Thus, you may say that it is hype if you do not get an insect bite, cut yourself, have sex with someone infected, or share toiletries like toothbrush with someone who has the bacteria. However, often, we can’t help but get hurt or bitten, so when this happens, infections sets in.

The staph bacteria can be contagious as an airborne threat, though this is not a common way of catching it. Staph infections are mostly contracted by touching infected surfaces in simple everyday situations, which is a big part of the reason why there are hundreds of thousands of cases of staph infection every year in the United States alone.

The staph infection contagious effect can range from mild to very severe or life-threatening. At worst, your body could reject the drug treatment, resulting in a horrible flesh-eating infection. The mildest case, on the other hand, would be a skin rash gone bad from someone who is unable to fight the bacteria because of a weak immune system.

The person beside in school or at the office a potential “donor,” and the same goes for the food server in the restaurant. You need to be careful about cuts that are not healing, or insect bites that are turning reddish and causing your skin to bloat.

Hospitals and nursing homes are rich with opportunities for staph infections to take place. People who have had surgery and are healing could be carriers, or possible victims because of their wounds or incisions. It’s the same when going to the dentist and not making sure that the instruments used were sterilized properly.

It is imperative to use hand sanitizers or alcohol after coming into contact with anyone on a regular basis. You must be very careful not to touch open wounds without using gloves, or even sharing mascara or make-up applicators, razors, and lipsticks. Staph bacteria is present in any surface like door knobs, handle bars, stair railings, telephones, utensils, computer mouse, keyboard - anywhere is possible. You can also make sure to hydrate daily to flush out the bacteria in your body. Also, if you have pets you come into close contact with, be reminded that they can get infected, although if they have the bacteria, they cannot transfer it to you.

To answer the question, the "staph infection contagious" hype is very real. Plus, it’s happening daily everywhere you go, so it’s better to be on the safe side by practicing good hygiene.

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Medical Disclaimer: As a PHD and staph researcher, I can tell you first-hand that MRSA and staph can be deadly if not treated properly. The information contained on this website and in my book Staph Infection Secrets is based upon my research as a biomedical scientist and on scientific studies conducted by other members of the medical community. All information found on this website and in Staph Infection Secrets is to be used for educational purposes only. The information provided on this website and in Staph Infection Secrets has not been evaludated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other official body.

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